Like our home page says; we do have a very wide range of acceptance, but under no circumstances does AE condone extreme reckless riding or running from the cops. Our goal is to promote motorcycle safety while having fun at the same time. Road Etiquette will always be reviewed before we roll out but in case you would like to know our guidelines before you meet up with us; here you go.

On The Freeways:

  • We ride in a 1 lane staggered formation with an average speed on 70-80mph.
  • If you want to stunt you need to take it away from the group (at least 2 lanes)
  • No stunting in the middle of dense traffic; If you want to do standups right in-front of an 18-wheeler, then do it when you are alone.

    If traffic comes to a dead stop remember you are still with a group, don't go weaving thru the cars as if you were by yourself. We all work together to secure the lanes to the right to get to the shoulder and find a way thru the jam.


On The Backroads:

  • We keep a pace appropriate for the road we are on.
  • After leaving a turn always double check to make sure the bike behind you made it thru ok, if not pull over immediatley and the others ahead of you will follow suit.
  • Stay in your lane and do not cross the center lines; the last thing you want to see coming around a turn on the wrong side of the road is a John Deer or Semi about to run right thru you.



  • We encourage everyone to wear all their gear on every ride but we understand that this doesn't always happen. We will not get on your case for showing up without a jacket, gloves, or motorcycle boots. However, you must always show up with a helmet for you and your passenger. This is one guideline that we strickly enforce 100% of the time. If you show up without a helmet you don't ride with us; no exceptions.
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